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200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Starting October 2024

See below for more details and to apply.

Understand yoga more deeply. Live your life more fully.

Become a Yoga Teacher!

Yoga can change lives. Maybe you’ve experienced yoga’s profound effect. Want to deepen your knowledge, and enhance your practice? Maybe even want to share your experience? The Center’s teaching training program offers you the chance to grow, build your courage, and develop the skills to teach yoga safely, skillfully, passionately and with confidence. Our Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training program meets and exceeds the 200-hour minimum requirements to certify you as a creative and skilled yoga teacher. How deeply satisfying.


Only in the case of a medical emergency or similar inability to continue in the program will refunds be considered. Your $295 non-refundable deposit and application fee indicate that you are committed to the program and that you understand these terms.

Once your deposit and application are sent (exhale deeply!), you will receive an email about entry into the program. Upon acceptance, you can pay your balance for YTT here! Then start to shout it from the rooftops! You’re about to have a transformative experience!

The cost doesn’t include books, lodging, or meals. 

Print out a YTT Flyer here!


Hi, friends,
I was recently chatting with a student who really wants to sign up for teacher training. And I got this question: “Do You think I’m strong/advanced enough?” And, because I hear this a lot, I thought maybe you’re feeling the same way.
Here are some other common concerns:
  • I don’t have a very advanced practice, and tree pose is super hard for me. Forget arm balances!
  • I feel like I’m too old.
  • I’ve had back surgery (or knee, hip, etc.) and so my practice is limited (I can’t do everything.)
  • I’ve been practicing for years, but it hasn’t been as consistent lately. Do you think I can do this?
  • I don’t know all the names of the poses.
  • I’m newer to the yoga scene…maybe I don’t know enough?
But, here’s the thing about this teacher training we really want you to understand: 
Sure, you have to memorize some sanskrit and some basic anatomy.  Sure, you’ll feel a little overwhelmed at times with lots of exciting new information and by our full weekends together. That is all super important. But so it this: As a teacher, I really like to honor the best that each student has to offer and to honor what each student brings with him or her to the studio. In my earliest trainings as a new young teacher, I was taught to “look for the good” in each person, rather than how can we “fix” people and their poses. And, that’s exactly how we approach teacher training at The Center.
Just like you, many of our current teachers at The Center came to (stumbled into?!) yoga with injuries, sadness, or a buildup of stress. Just like you our teachers wanted to get stronger, have more energy, or to increase flexibility. Just like you our teachers wanted to feel more invigorated and connected. And just like you, all of your teachers were beginners once, too.
In our training, we teach you to see and to share. We teach you to cultivate that which you are passionate about and to teach that. Sure, we emphasize biomechanics, philosophy, history, and communication. Yes, there’s structure on how to set up a class and what works and what doesn’t work so well. BUT, your own story is unique. Your past experiences, your injuries, your ups and your downs actually can enhance your teaching. AND, that makes you even a better teacher! (And this goes for on and off the mat…even if you never actually decide to teach yoga!)
The real question should’t be, “Am I strong/advance enough.” The real question ought to be, “Am I passionate enough?” “Am I ready to commit to myself and to the group?” “Am I ready to be a student again and soak it all in?”
So, yeah. You are good enough and you have a lot to offer. Just like all of us who took the plunge and signed up for our first YTT, we are each forever and always students first. Even being a teacher takes continual practice and a willingness to start over. And really, what a gift this is.
Along with our mentors and an all-star team of local and international guest teachers, I look forward to welcoming you into our class of 2024! Our teacher training begins in October and we have a spot with your name on it. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions. You can also apply here. 
Namaste and Hugs,

This Program is For You If:

  • You aspire to teach yoga
  • You are a yoga teaching and want to take time to be a student again and develop your skills and freshen up your teachings
  • You are a current yoga student who simply loves yoga and want to deepen your understanding and steep yourself in the practice
  • You want to tap into your own authentic voice as a teacher but also create social change, one pose and one breath at a time.

Here’s Some of What You’ll Learn:

  • To teach yoga safely, with inspiration, and clarity
  • To set the tone and environment for leading a transformative class
  • To cultivate courage and authenticity as you teach
  • The basic elements for teaching beginners, special populations, and restorative yoga
  • Solid understanding of basic pranayama, Sanskrit, history, philosophy, and meditation, so that you may weave these subtler aspects of the practice into your teachings
  • To skillfully construct a multi-level class and give modifications
  • The anatomy of movement of the basic actions of the body, biomechanics, and some therapeutic assists for students with certain more common injuries
  • How to empower your students

Program Prerequisites and Requirements:

Prerequisites/ Eligibility

  • At least 2 years of taking regular yoga classes
  • A home practice
  • Be committed to studying, learning, and developing the skills necessary to teach yoga

Program Requirements

  • Full attendance at each of the YTT weekends
  • Participate in at least 2 public yoga classes per week – one with Suzanne 
  • Cultivate a home practice
  • Complete all homework, assignments, and exams, and final project
  • Complete required observation hours, assisting hours, practicums, and community class teaching

Book List

Suggested Reading

Coming Soon!

YTT Reading List

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Student Project

Students will choose a project to complete their training. More details will be given, but it may include:

  • Community Service Project
  • In-Depth Study with summary